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Submarine Warfare Books

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Submarine Warfare

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  1. Dreadnought - Britain,Germany and the Coming of the Great War

    Robert K Massie

    A gripping chronicle of the personal and political rivalries from the birth of Queen Victoria to the unification of Germany during the decades leading up to WW1 from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert K. Massie 2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. Dreadnought. Their story, and the story of the era, filled with misunderstanding and tensions, missed opportunities, and events leading to unintended conclusions, unfolds like a Greek tragedy in this powerful narrative. Intimately human and dramatic, Dreadnought is history at its most riveting.
  2. Royal Naval Submarines 1901 to 2008

    Maurice Cocker

    This is a must-buy for the Royal Navy and Submarine enthusiast, being a complete directory of RN submarines from the outset to the present day. There is a wealth of detail on each class. Every entry contains the specification, launch dates of individual boats, details of evolving construction and armament and other salient information in a compact form. The high quality of the drawings of the majority of classes adds to the value of this work which includes the very latest Astute submarines currently coming into service. This book is a complete directory of submarines and will be widely welcomed by all with an interest, professional or lay, in the subject.
  3. German Submarine Warfare in World War I

    Lawrence Sondhaus

    The Onset of Total War at Sea This compelling book explores Germany's campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare in World War I, which marked the onset of total war at sea.
  4. Submarines - World War I to the Present

    David Ross

    Submarines offers a highly illustrated guide to all the main classes of submarines to be used in naval warfare from the beginning of World War I to the present day. Divided by era, campaign and country, the book includes sections on submarine forces in 1914, technical developments during the 1930s, the Atlantic convoy war during World War II, Soviet submarine development during the Cold War, the introduction of nuclear-powered submarines, submarines of the Falklands War, and the latest ICBM carriers. Special emphasis is given to the U-Boats of World War II, arranged by flotilla.
  5. Submarines at War 1914-1918

    Richard Compton-Hall

    This work is a landmark history of submarine warfare during World War I. An-ex submariner, the author captures the essence of what is what like to operate in these new and lethal craft. This periscope eye view introduces the reader to the great submarine commanders, the tactics they employed and the often-futile attempts made to sink them.
  6. United States Navy Submarines 1900-2019 (Images of War)

    Michael Green

    Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives This superbly illustrated yet affordable book is a must for all naval enthusiasts.
  7. British Submarines in Two World Wars

    Norman Friedman

    Heavily illustrated with photos and original plans, this new volume from Norman Friedman, incorporating so much original analysis, will be eagerly awaited by naval historians and enthusiasts everywhere.
  8. The Deadly Trade

    Iain Ballantyne

    The Complete History of Submarine Warfare From Archimedes to the Present Originally a puny craft, derided as being of no worth, the submarine evolved to become an assassin of the deep, capable of sinking mighty battleships and gigantic aircraft carriers. The cast of colourful and courageous characters includes a former monk who created submersible boats to assist the cause of Irish liberation, a spy who hid Confederate submarine secrets in her bonnet during the American Civil War and many a daring young captain who perished along with he men they command. During the two world wars no corner of the globe was safe from the depredations of submarines. The spectacular (and terrifying) story continued with the Cold War into the 21st century, making the submarine the most powerful vessel ever built, carrying enough nuclear weapons to end life on Earth.
  9. U-Boats at War in World Wars I and II (Images of War)

    Diane Canwell & Jon Sutherland

    U Boats were the scourge of the seas for Allied shipping during both World Wars - almost bringing Britain to the brink of starvation on several occasions. This book contains unseen photographs taken by German submarine crew and captains during each war. The World War One selection features a submariner's photos of U-25, an early German U-boat. They belonged to WO Friedrich Pohl who served on U-boats SM-25 and SMU-33. There are many photos of the U-boat itself, crew on deck and attacks on Norwegian merchant ships with the surface gun. U-25 was launched 12 July 1913, sank a total of 21 ships, 14,126 tons and surrendered to France 23 February 1919. The World War Two photos include images from an original WW2 U Boat commander's photo album. It belonged to Kapitan Leutnant Herbert Bruninghaus. As a U Boat navigator, he served on the famous U-38 under ace Heinrich Liebe. Herbert later went on to command three U Boats of his own - U-6, U-148 and U-1059. There are also original images from a Kriegmarine officer's photo album (unfortunately unnamed). It includes photos of Commander Prien's U-47 returning to Kiel after attacks at Scapa Flow. .
  10. British Warship Recognition - Volume 6

    Richard Perkins

    The sixth volume of the series covers all submarines up to 1939, torpedo gun vessels, the diverse types of gunboat (from masted gun vessels through coastal ‘flat-irons’ to river patrol craft), and sloops of various descriptions.

Items 1 to 10 of 34 total

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