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Afghanistan - Britain's War in Helmand - An Historical Account

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This is first book to document the history of Britain’s military intervention in Afghanistan, documenting every unit who served and listing the names of all who made the ultimate sacrifice in a roll of honour. In ten chapters the author tells the story from the deployment shortly after 9/11 to the north of the country, the stabilisation force that went into Kabul and the break in battle experienced in Helmand. The book also covers the Royal Navy’s sea soldiers, the Royal Marines, who made a significant contribution to the campaign from Harrier jump jet and Sea King helicopters squadrons to medics and doctors who took their role in manning the hospital and running the medical helicopter rescue called the MERT (Medical Evacuation Rescue Team) and flew directly into the frontline to rescue injured soldiers and marines. In addition, naval officers and sailors served in bomb disposal teams, manned vital operations rooms, maintained aircraft and deployed on the ground. The book is packed with anecdotes and historical accounts as well as hundreds of unseen pictures. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in military history.

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