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  1. Whittle - The Jet Pioneer - LAST REMAINING COPY!


    'Whittle' and 'jet' are almost synonyms. Frank Whittle was a brilliant pilot, but it was as a mathematician and engineer that he truly excelled. He was someone who saw potential for development using innovation and elegant simplicity, where others only saw improvement by further complication. Sadly the development of his jet engine was slowed by people with less imagination. Ultimately his contribution to aero engineering and the implications for changing how the world functioned, was immense. This richly illustrated DVD is an extended version of the documentary made for the History Channel and includes a wealth of information, interviews and archive footage.(93 mins.)


    When a seaplane fire forces a host of eclectic passengers, including a prisoner and the man who will testify against him, to make a disastrous water landing, they must brave the cruel elements to get to a nearby island. Once there, they discover that the land will be the target of nuclear testing in a matter of hours!
  3. Swordfish Legend - A Stringbag Reborn - LAST REMAINING COPY!


    What an extraordinary aircraft the Fairey Swordfish turned out to be. Born at the end of the biplane era, this was an aircraft apparently totally unsuited to fight the war in which it became embroiled. Despite being deemed obsolete at the onset of hostilities, it not only outlived aircraft designed to replace it, but it gave sterling service, virtually unchanged, in all theatres throughout the war. This reliable and manoeuvrable aircraft, much loved by its crews, had its major honours at Taranto and in the sinking of the Bismarck, but it also played a huge part in the Battle of the Atlantic and with the Arctic convoys as well as campaigns across the globe. This is the story of the marathon 26 month restoration of the world's oldest flying Fairey Swordfish, W5856, filmed at their Brough factory by British Aerospace in the 90's. W5856 is currently hangared with the Royal Navy Historic flight at RNAS Yeovilton and is still a regular and popular display aircraft at air shows around the UK.(60 mins)
  4. Stormy Crossing


    Late 1950s British crime drama. After being entered into a Channel swimming race by her boyfriend Paul (Derek Bond), Kitty (Joy Webster) goes missing. Another swimmer, Danny (Sheldon Lawrence), who had fallen for Kitty, is convinced she was murdered. His trainer Griff (John Ireland) and the police initially don't believe him but when Danny's own life comes under threat they realise there may be a killer on the loose...
  5. River Beat - LAST REMAINING COPY!


    Guy Green makes his directorial debut with this 1950s crime drama. Judy Roberts (Phyllis Kirk), a young radio operator on board a freighter, is unknowingly used as part of a diamond-smuggling plot. She attracts the attention of Detective Inspector Dan Barker (John Bentley) who develops romantic feelings towards her while investigating the case. When he realises her innocence he hopes her position as a dupe will lead him to the real culprits.
  6. German U-Boats


    The North Atlantic was the main battlefield of the German submarines. From the beginning of 1942 the Anglo-American convoys ran on the northern route between Iceland and the ice-free Russian port of Murmansk and Archangelsk. The disruption or destruction of these huge supplies of materials was one of the main tasks of the German U - Boats. Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Corvettes and countless smaller Patrol vessels were involved in battles in the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean and played their part in the outcome of the fighting. (55 mins)
  7. Eric Brown - A Pilot's Story


    Britain's greatest aviator in his own words. The title says it all. An 80 minute DVD is barely able to do justice to the fascinating story of a man who had an extraordinary life. Winkle contributed so much to the development of aviation in general, and naval aviation in particular, in the 20th century. He holds numerous 'firsts', is credited with over 2400 carrier landings (no one else has come close) and his record of 487 different types of aircraft flown will never be broken.


    Superbly illustrated using original archive films, this military DVD delves into the fearsome battles at sea during WWII and should appeal to all military history enthusiasts. Two Films: Film 1 - Sea Targets of Battle Planes and Bombers, Film 2 - German U-Boats Fight Allied Convoys. (55 mins)


    This fascinating DVD focuses on The Battle of the Atlantic in the spring of 1943 when the fight for supremacy reached its climax. U-boats, convoys and convoy escort vessels confronted each other in epic proportions in a bitter fight day and night which resulted in heavy losses for both sides. This informative documentary shows previously unpublished, rare and private footage of former German U-boat captains, as well as original footage of U-Boats in action. 

    Using unique excerpts, including some previously unreleased home movies, the war at sea is shown from the perspective of the German U-Boat crews. (58 mins)



    Over 60 minutes of original, rare and unseen archive footage. Also includes 2 bonus films and 3 original photo galleries. During the Second World War, the German Kriegsmarine (Navy) conducted a plethora of large scale fleet manoeuvres in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Using original and unseen German archive footage, this DVD shows these spectacular and breathtaking actions of naval warfare for the very first time to a Western audience. At the outbreak of the war, these battle units were operational in several sea areas. This film documents a selection of these manoeuvres, showing many of the varying forms of ship that was operational in the German Kriegsmarine at the time. These range from the flagships of the German fleet such as the infamous Bismarck to the Cruisers, Destroyers, Torpedo Boats and other smaller units that made up the German’s formidable naval arsenal. Depicted using a selection of archive footage, some of which has been digitally restored, this DVD shows the units readying themselves for battle in heavy seas. Despite high winds and treacherous weather conditions, the ships fought their way through to their operational areas to take on the might of the Royal Navy.

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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