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Sea Charts of the British Isles

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John Blake's paperback version of Sea Charts takes the reader on a circumnavigation of Britain, to explore, through the chart, this mulititude of sea ports, fishing and commercial harbours, naval bases and dockyards, and sea-side havens that have supported local life, and defended and imported for the populace at large. Travelling along the coastline clockwise from London and the Thames Estuary the book displays a beautiful collection of charts containing a wealth of information about Britain's maritime history and the story of charting and surveying itself.

The charts, beautiful artefacts in their own right, demonstrate the developing understanding of these shores, including the dangers of rocks and tides. Furthermore, they bring home the changing nature of the coastline. Some reveal place names now lost to the sea, and ports now stranded miles inland owing to the silting of bays and estuaries.


Includes new foreword by Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

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